Meditational Therapy

For those who wish to use meditation or visualization to facilitate their development or deal with a problem, meditational therapy can be very helpful.


A variety of meditational techniques and guided meditations are offered and biofeedback is used as a guide to both the therapist and the meditator.


Photography by Cliff Homewood - Dark blue night sky and moon across the English Channel

Seminars & Workshops

Debbie has conducted Seminars & Workshops on:

  • Aging Parents
  • Communicating and Walking the Journey with Your Palliative Client
  • AGM’s for hospices – dealing with compassion, grief and connecting with the heart
  • Working with Palliative Clients
  • Taking Care of Ourselves – (for professional and lay caregivers)
  • Grief and Bereavement – (for professional care givers)
  • ALS Support Group Presentation
  • The Challenges of Communicating with Seriously Ill Clients and Their Families
  • Spirituality and Aging Well
  • The Essence of Spiritual Care
  • Support Group for Cancer Survivors

Debbie is available to plan and conduct custom workshops to suit your need. Please contact for more information

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