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debbie homewood psychotherapist Services offered include:
  • Counselling (In person or by telephone)
  • Exploring the spiritual dimension of life and integrating that into awareness and day-to-day life
  • Support for meditation, relaxation, visualization and prayer life
  • Providing a safe environment for the exploration of theological issues around suffering


Free download Connecting to Your Heart
A guided meditation written and recorded by Debbie Homewood to help her clients strengthen their connection to their emotional and spiritual intelligence which supports them on their difficult journeys.

Please note that I am not accepting new clients at this time.

Counselling, Biofeedback & Pastoral Care

Counselling and Therapy using Mindfulness and Self-compassion

Many times throughout life we are faced with adversity, challenges and difficult situations. Sometimes we need a little help. Whether you are dealing with problems in a relationship, anxiety, a mid-life crisis, serious illness, loss in its many forms, grief or seeking to understand yourself better, counselling may offer support and guidance to help you navigate your way through.

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Debbie Homewood is a psychotherapist with 25 years experience in private practice helping people to deal with life’s many painful, confusing and stressful situations such as anxiety, illness, depression, panic attacks, loss, grief, low self-esteem, conflict, difficulty in making decisions, loneliness and death and dying. More..


Logotherapy was developed by psychiatrist Viktor Frankl and is considered the “Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy.” Logotherapy strives to find meaning in one’s life. An introduction to this system of therapy is given in Frankl’s best-selling book, Man’s Search for Meaning which contains his theories for surviving the Holocaust. Logo is derived from the Greek word logos (“meaning”). More..

Life has meaning under all circumstances, even the most miserable ones. Viktor Frankl.

Debbie is a certified Logotherapist from the Viktor Frankl Institute.


Debbie is a certified biofeedback practitioner with a background in psychology, philosophy, yoga, meditation and metaphysics. More…

Stress Management

One of the leading causes of disease and suffering today is the inability to prevent or manage stress. Stress is approached from the mind/body point-of-view and both the causes and the effects or symptoms are investigated.
A variety of techniques are offered to help address the causes and minimize or eliminate the symptoms. To learn more about how stress can effect you, see the Fight or Flight Response.

Photography by Cliff Homewood - Biofeedback GSR
Debbie is located in Richmond Hill, York Region. She sevices the local areas of Thornhill, Aurora, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Maple, Markham, Stouffville, Newmarket, Toronto and the GTA. Debbie also works with clients by telephone (e-counseling) that are in various parts of Canada, the USA, Europe and as far away as Israel.