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Connecting to Your Heart Technique
Debbie's voice leads you through the Connecting to your Heart Technique. Just relax and follow the guided instructions. A guided meditation written and recorded by Debbie Homewood

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Connecting With Your Heart Technique

Connecting with your Heart Technique

by Debbie Homewood

Script for Connecting with your Heart Technique

Find a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down.

Take a moment to relax your face, your neck, your shoulders, and your tummy.

Focus all of your awareness on your breath. Just pay attention to your breathing. Feel your breath coming into your body. Feel your body expanding to make room for the breath. Feel your breath coming out again. 

As you pay attention to your breath, follow your breath down into your body. With each breath let your awareness go with your breath down into your body.

Find your heart centre, down in your body. Feel where it is. Now breathe right to that place and focus all your attention of breathing into your heart centre.

Use your breath to breathe warmth, or light, or energy into your heart centre. As you do, feel it expand and spread out into your body a little more.

When you are ready you can then let a question, or a memory, or a person, or a feeling come into your awareness and use your breath to breathe that into your heart centre. Let your awareness focus on whatever it is you want to take into your heart centre and place that on your breath so that when you breath down to your heart centre, you are taking that thought, question, feeling or person and placing it right in your heart. 

You might think of your heart as a chalice, or beautiful vessel, or bowl. As you place your chosen thing in this special vessel, it welcomes it are holds it with compassion, kindness, strength and love. Let yourself become aware of the feeling of compassion surrounding and embracing whatever you place in your heart centre. Compassion is understanding, affirming, validating, respectful, gentle, but strong. 

Your heart centre has an infinite capacity to hold and work with anything you take there. It can handle grief, doubt, fear, joy, sadness, disappointment…. anything at all. 

You can connect with your heart many, many times during the day. It is especially good to consciously connect with your heart if you wake during the night. 

Sometimes the best thing to take into your heart is yourself. Take yourself as you are, with all your feelings, questions, memories, into your own heart. Use your breath; bring yourself into your awareness and breathe yourself into your heart centre.

Let your heart centre hold you with compassion, love, tenderness.

Try to feel the compassion and love gradually spreading out from your heart in all directions, like a warm glow.

Debbie Homewood is a counsellor who helps her clients access and benefit from compassion. This article may not be republished without the permission of the author. Copyright © 2009 Debbie Homewood