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Supervised psychological services are available. Please call the office at 416-855-6749 for details.

Biofeedback for Stress Relief

A unique form of counselling, using biofeedback, is available in which the instruments are used to guide the session and monitor the effects of the various approaches used. Use it for anxiety, relaxation, uncovering emotional blocks and limiting beliefs. This type of counselling is useful in helping to deal with personal problems, stress, health concerns and concerns which may still be at a sub-conscious level. photo of a pink sky in the evening across a lake in the canadian shield by cliff homewood

Compassion and the Heart

Compassion comes from the Heart, not the Head. An article by Debbie.

Psychotherapy and Counselling

Debbie is a Registered Psychotherapist with 25 years experience in private practice, helping people to deal with life’s many painful, confusing and stressful situations such as illness, loss, grief, anxiety, panic attacks, low self-esteem, conflict, difficulty in making decisions and loneliness.

Empowering and compassionate therapy

Debbie’s gentle, empowering and compassionate approach focuses on giving her clients the means to better understand themselves and their situation as well as providing them with practical tools to manage their stress and deal with their feelings. Life presents us with many significant changes and difficult challenges. Counselling can help you cope with these situations and ease your stress and worry.

Debbie incorporates key concepts from Existential Therapy, Logotherapy, Mindfulness, Psychodynamic Models of Therapy and Gestalt Therapy, which include increasing a client’s capacity for self-awareness and responsibility for self, searching for meaning and identity, dealing with anxiety, developing or increasing the ability to stay present and connected to self, others and their life circumstances and developing good internal groundedness.

Therapy by telephone (e-counselling)

Debbie has developed a very successful practice over the years of working with clients by telephone that live across Canada, the USA and even overseas. An appointment is made for a specific time to connect by telephone. It’s that simple. This has opened up the possibility for many to benefit from Debbie’s help no matter where they live. If you need further information about e-counselling please contact Debbie.

Understanding Yourself

An article by Debbie, Pealing  the Onions of Life to Better Understand Yourself deals with understanding yourself so you are able to make better choices because you are aware of things in your subconscious that affect you. Read a copy here.


Debbie is a certified Logotherapist. See Logotherapy.

"I will always be grateful to you for all I learned in my work with you as well as the healing that was possible through your guidance in therapy." KF