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Compassion: Connecting to Your Heart
You have within you a source of inner strength and transformation. By learning to connect with your heart your can access this power. Your heart has capabilities quite different from your intellect – capabilities we all need to deal with suffering. Your heart is fearless and capable of dealing with grief, disappointment, fear, longing, hopelessness….. Your heart only asks that you make the conscious connection to it, and it will then use its many resources to embrace whatever you bring to it. Compassion is one of the incredible strengths already existing in your heart and compassion is one of the most powerful forces that exists. This meditation teaches you how to connect with your heart and how to take things into your heart, where they will be held and transformed.


Developing our awareness is one of the most liberating things we can do. It can also be one of the hardest things to do. As we become more aware of ourselves, we can gradually and gently begin to separate our awareness from all the many aspects of ourselves that we become identified with, and that try to convince us, they are who we are. With increased awareness we have much more choice about how we react, how we express ourselves and how we relate to those in our lives. This mediation helps you learn how to become more aware of your awareness so that you come to know yourself as awareness.


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Compassion guided meditation

Compassion: guided meditation

1: Compassion: Connecting to Your Heart (12.34)
2: Mindfulness (12.10)
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Sound Recordings

Gentle Sounds of Windchimes

A recording of the harmonious sounds of windchimes, gently ringing in the wind, accompanied by their subtle other-worldly resonance. The windchimes are tuned to a pentatonic (5 note) scale of pure intonation which was common in many ancient civilizations and is still heard in much of the music of the Third World. The notes are round and full, bright and clear, creating an effect which is at the same time relaxing and uplifting.
Windchimes CD


Track 1: Celestial Spheres (23:33)
Track 2: Ethereal Chimes (23:10)
Track 3: Celestial Spheres Revisited (23:33)
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Order CD for $11.95 (US) Celestial Spheres
Two independent tracks are used to create a celestial choir of windchimes, gently blending in perfect harmonies to surround you with energy and create a state of inner calm and peace. Ethereal Chimes
The gently evolving ethereal melody subtly penetrates your awareness, eliciting deep relaxation, creating the opportunity for your body to restore itself to a natural state of balance and harmony. Celestial Spheres Revisited
This is the same recording as Celestial Spheres except during the mastering this track was gradually slowed down so the ringing of the windchimes becomes slower and their tone becomes deeper creating a very relaxing effect. (Bonus track from the original release) For the best effect, play very softly.


Relaxing sounds of the Ocean

Relaxing sounds of the ocean

Relaxing sounds of the ocean

Track 1: Ocean Waves (29:18)
Track 2: Country Stream (30:38)
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Order CD for $11.95 (US) Relax to some of nature's most soothing rhythms - the sounds of ocean waves or a country stream. These recordings are enhanced by a special subliminal effect in which the tempo of the waves and stream is gradually slowed down throughout the recording. Your mind and body attune to their rhythms, helping you to enter a state of deep relaxation in a unique way. (Extended versions from the original release) Due to its special subliminal effect, this recording is an excellent background for meditation, massage, many stress management techniques or any activity enhanced by deep relaxation. This recording contains no subliminal messages.

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Guided Meditations

These guided visualizations include techniques to reduce beta, stimulate alpha and help you access theta brainwaves which enable you to access your deeper, intuitive self

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crystal cave a guided meditation by debbie homewood

Crystal Cave

Track 1: The Crystal Cave (22:44)
Track 2: Energy (21:27)
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The two meditations on this CD lead you into a deep state of inner consciousness in which you can experience subtle yet profound Energy. Both meditations begin with a deep relaxation including techniques to reduce beta and stimulate alpha brainwaves.

The Crystal Cave

This guided meditation takes you inside a beautiful Crystal Cave. Once inside you are given the opportunity to meet the keeper of the cave and ask any question you like. The keeper of the cave, who comes out of your deep subconscious, may be anyone from a religious, spiritual, mythical figure to someone you know and may be different each time you enter the cave.

Using techniques to help you access theta brainwaves,The Crystal Cave helps you focus and direct energy toward any issue – health, a goal, a challenge, personal growth.


Helps you experience yourself as pure loving energy, which can lead to improved self-esteem. Working with this energy can help you create greater harmony and fulfillment in your life.

In Harmony, a guided meditation by debbie homewood

In Harmony

Track 1: In Harmony (22:20)

Track 2: Inner Peace 22:30)

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When you are in harmony and at peace with yourself you have more energy, you are more creative and more loving. Your life is more fulfilling and rich. You are more alive and in tune with all that is. The two meditations on this recording guide you through techniques to achieve greater harmony within yourself so that you may more fully experience the joys of life.

In Harmony

This guided meditation begins with a deep breathing exercise to quiet and calm the mind. A head-to-toe relaxation follows to quiet and still the body With the body and mind relaxed and quieted, you are then guided through an exploration of the concept of inner harmony. Images, affirmations and associations are used to create a state of inner harmony. Harmony between yourself and others is then explored and you are guided through a technique to create more harmonious relationships in your life.

Inner Peace

This guided meditation is designed to help you relax and attain a deep and peaceful state of mind in which to re-centre, re-focus and re-charge. Imagery and affirmations are used to create a tranquil, uplifting strengthening interlude in which you experience naturally, a state of harmony within yourself.

immune system, a guided meditation by debbie homewood

Strengthening My Immune System

Track 1: Strengthening My Immune System

Track 2: Time For Healing
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self esteem a guided meditation by debbie homewood

Self-Esteem, a unique journey

Track 1: Self-Esteem: A Unique Journey (23:10)
Track 2: Creating Calm Within (16:23)
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Your immune system is your first line of defence against viruses and unwanted bacteria and cells. Your health depends on a strong and powerful immune system. There has been extensive research about the effect of the mind on the immune system. The guided experiences on this recording have been designed to focus your attention inwards, creating the conditions in your mind which will naturally strengthen your immune system – deep relaxation, inner peace and powerful images of a strong and healthy immune system.

Strengthening My Immune System

Deep physical and psychological relaxation are necessary to create and maintain strong immune system. This experience begins by guiding you through a deep head to toe relaxation You are then guided Into a state of inner peace, where you get in touch with your true essence – your inner self, and experience tolerance, patience and love by yourself and others. In a state of deep relaxation you then visualize and imagine your immune system, creating an image which is strong and powerful, and experience it defending you easily and effortlessly.

Time for Healing

When you take time to relax completely and withdraw your attention from the outside world, focusing on your inner consciousness your body heals Itself. This experience is designed to give you that time for healing. It begins with a process to completely relax your body and to quiet your mind, moving you into a state of inner peace and tranquility. Using images of energy you feel your body becoming stronger and healthier – revitalized. In a deep state of relaxation it is easy to experience feelings of peace and love and you are guided through an exploration of these healing feelings, to complete your time for healing.

Deep and abiding respect and appreciation for yourself as a unique and worthy entity, is essential to a happy and fulfilling life. When you value yourself, you take life easily in your stride, remaining centred, strong and clear in any situation. Self-esteem provides security and inner strength, enabling you to accept yourself and others with compassion and tolerance. As your self
-esteem increases, you feel more in control of your life, creating a life filled with happiness, peace and love.

Self-Esteem: A Unique Journey

To achieve the maximum benefits from this meditation your attention is first focused on relaxing your body completely, releasing any tension. You are then helped to quiet and clear your mind, in preparation for an imaginary journey. Through a process of creative visualization you take yourself into a deeper level of awareness. Then using guided imagery, you create a special vantage point from which you can see yourself and your life – a perspective which enables you to understand that you are unique and worthy. By experiencing yourself from this perspective, you gain a great deal of respect and appreciation for the wonderful entity you are, learning and growing all the time, on your unique journey through life. Each time you experience this meditation your self-esteem increases as your understanding of yourself and your life grows.

Creating Calm Within

A long, slow relaxation, combined with special breathing exercises takes you into a deep and peaceful state of mind. Using your imagination, you create a wonderful natural setting in which to relax even further. Deep physical and mental relaxation allows your body and mind to return to their natural state of equilibrium, balance and harmony. This meditation enables you to give yourself the gift of being calm within, effortlessly realizing all the benefits of this wonderful state of being.

These guided meditations include techniques to reduce beta, stimulate alpha and help you access theta brainwaves.

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