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Debbie Homewood, B. A.

Debbie is a certified biofeedback practitioner with a background in psychology, philosophy, yoga, meditation and metaphysics. She has studied biofeedback, consciousness and the mind-body connection in Canada, the USA and England. Her many years of research at The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education influence her to base her current work, as much as possible, on research.


Debbie has extensive experience in conducting workshops and seminars, including stress management in the corporate sector. Her compassion and empathy add depth and sensitivity to her teaching and work with individuals. esr biofeedback machine


Supervised psychological services are available. Please call the office at 416-855-6749 for details.

What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback means using an instrument to monitor, and make you aware of a biological process which you would normally not be aware of. Biofeedback is frequently used to monitor brainwave frequencies, the autonomic nervous system, skin temperature and muscle tension.

How can being aware of any of these help you? On the basis of what is now decades of research, and of course, many ancient traditions, we know that the mind and body are inseparable. What is happening in the body is a direct reflection of what is happening in the mind. Biofeedback is a very direct way of working with the mind-body connection, to learn greater awareness of self, to achieve greater control over the state of mind and body, and therefore to have greater choice about the state you are in.

This awareness, choice and control is very powerful in learning to deal with stress, treating anxiety disorders, dealing with high blood pressure, improving your meditation practice, becoming aware of the triggers that cause physical and emotional discomfort, and improving your concentration and creativity, to name but a few. The information provided by biofeedback is a powerful tool to increase consciousness.

Counselling and Biofeedback

A unique form of counselling, using biofeedback, is available in which the instruments are used to guide the session and monitor the effects of the various approaches used. Use it for anxiety, relaxation, uncovering emotional blocks and limiting beliefs. This type of counselling is useful in helping to deal with personal problems, stress, health concerns and concerns which may still be at a sub-conscious level.

Counselling is also available with or without the use of biofeedback for individuals, families, couples, children and adolescents. Including co-dependence, grief work, abuse, addiction, empowerment and increased conscious awareness.