Manage Emotions
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homewood psychotherapist t Services offered include:
  • Counselling (In person or by telephone)
  • Exploring the spiritual dimension of life and integrating that into awareness and day-to-day life
  • Support for meditation, relaxation, visualization and prayer life
  • Providing a safe environment for the exploration of theological issues around suffering


Free download Connecting to Your Heart
A guided meditation written and recorded by Debbie Homewood to help her clients strengthen their connection to their emotional and spiritual intelligence which supports them on their difficult journeys.

Key Tools and Strategies to Help Manage Your Emotions

Need help coping and handling your emotions?

  1. Try your best to acknowledge your feelings, feel them, and find a way that works for you to express them – in words, out loud or in your journal, through an activity of some kind or just by sitting with your feeling and feeling it. 
  2. Intensity of emotion can sometimes be frightening but try not to be afraid – they are just your feelings, not who you are.
  3. It is important not to stay in the Fight or Flight state. When you feel anxious or frightened try using relaxation techniques, deep breathing, yoga or meditation to help manage your anxiety or stress.
  4. Access your core self and higher power to connect with something that tells you that you will be able to find the inner strength and resources you need – this is about shifting the focus from what you are afraid of, to your inner strength, your ability to tap into sources of support in yourself, your family, your community or a higher power.
  5. Bring yourself back to the present and the now over and over again.
  6. Take time as often as you can to focus on gratitude, love and appreciation.
  7. Take any feeling into your heart and embrace it with compassion.