Pastoral Care can help when the client or caregivers:

  • Display fear and/or anxiety about suffering or about death.
  • Express feeling forgotten by God, disconnected from God, or feeling punished by God, (or the spiritual being believed in by the client) causing fear, depression or anxiety.
  • Experience depression, related to illness, prognosis, unexplored grief.
  • Experience serious, inappropriate grief response, presenting as uncontrollable crying, inability to function, lack of will to live.
  • Experience a breakdown of communication in family, or between caregivers and client, especially regarding suffering, care, EOL wishes and death.
  • Are unable to express feelings about care, suffering, EOL wishes.
  • Experience fear or anxiety about diagnosis or treatment, even if not EOL
  • Are agitated and unable to find peace in any way.
  • Are in denial of diagnosis or prognosis causing client great distress and impeding decision-making and communication.


"May God's blessings be with you always, for all the wonderful comfort you bring to the sick and dying, and their Families and Friends." P

Pastoral Care and end-of-life

“When you get a diagnosis, you are instantly standing in a different world. All you know has just been rendered unsure, tenuous. You are in the unknown.”

The Pastoral Advisor’s role

The role of the pastoral advisor is to tend to, or care for a person’s spiritual, emotional, social and psychological needs in a holistic manner. Utilizing psychological, spiritual, and theological resources the pastoral advisor seeks to ease the clients psychological, emotional or spiritual suffering, related to serious illness, chronic care, end-of-life and death. The pastoral advisor also liaises with other service providers (doctor, nurse, social worker), the family and the community (including hospice volunteers), and links the client and family with other resources as needed.

Pastoral Care is able to address fear, anxiety, depression, grief, loss of meaning, loss of faith, hope, connection to God (or spiritual being), with client and family. Pastoral services are available for all people in our multi-cultural and multi-faith society. Debbie is available to plan, and preside at, funerals and memorial services.
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“Remembering all of your wonderful caring support last year when we were struggling through my Dad’s illness and grieving our loss. You helped give me the strength to focus on what was important. Giving myself time to grieve has deepened my compassion and joy for life.”